SOURMOUTH was a band from the sticks of North Carolina that took great pride in being working class country boys. Good 'ole boys who understand the value of a hard earned dollar and pocket change and know how to stretch it and still have a blast. They aren't poor, but still struggle every day to get by and have a party on the weekends. To them, the music industry is just another challenge in life to make a little bit of money and kick a lot of ass. Here's the story of where they've been, how they met, and what they are doing now.

How did the name SOURMOUTH come about? Well, the story is as simple as the name. One night in 2000, Dale sat in a drunken stupor staring at a bottle of Jack Daniels. He saw the words "sour mash" on the label. When he tried to pronounce it he said SOUR MOUTH instead, and so the story goes.

J Sherrod met Dave Bradley back in the summer of 1998, when a mutual friend introduced them. They jammed together one time and they clicked. Realizing each other's musical talent, they went on to form the band STRANGELUST. The band recorded their debut CD entitled Slave To None and sold quite a few copies across the state. It was at a show in Wilson, North Carolina on May 19, 2000 that the two would meet Dale Holland for the first time. His band HEADKACE was the support band of the night.

J left STRANGELUST in the summer of 2001 to pursue the music scene in Atlanta, Georgia and Dave left to dabble on solo projects. Dale left HEADKACE for undisclosed reasons and jammed with friends as well as on solo material. J never made it to Atlanta permanently, and came back home. Winter of 2001 he joined a little band in Tarboro, North Carolina in which Dale became the bass player. The two bonded immediately like long lost brothers and left after two months to form their own band. J called Dave hoping he would want to try out and knowing he would fit the bill by holding down the killer guitar riffs and blistering solos. By mid January of 2002, SOURMOUTH was officially born. The band was still just a three piece and was missing that fat sound they wanted to have. Without even looking they found the fourth member.

One night in early March, J had gotten off work and gone down to a local bar to have a few beers and hear a local band. Paul McDermott had made it there against all odds of a long day and troubles, to have a few beers as well. The long hair and the way Paul was dressed, invited a conversation from J and the two began music chat. The more they drank and talked about musical styles the quicker they became friends. J knew he was the one! Paul had been in a previous band but never recorded and never played out live. Impressed by his sheer drive and attitude, J traded numbers and brought Paul down to hear the band practice. Without even hearing him play he was in the band. Thankfully, he's a great guitarist as well.

Taking influences from bands like: Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Corrosion Of Conformity, Metallica, Alice In Chains, a dash of Tesla and Lynyrd Skynyrd, along with some old school country vibes like David Allen Coe and Hank Williams Jr., the band has made it's own blend of southern rock and metal. The band released their six song debut CD entitled Horsepower and set out on a string of local shows within the NC area.

After going through lineup changes in 2002-2003, members of Sourmouth moved on to other projects. 

J currently lives in Nashville, TN and is trying his hand at the music circuit out there.
Paul is a guitarist in AUTOMAG which you can catch at clubs all around the NC area.
Dave lives in Wilson with his wife and focuses on studio recording.
Dale lives in Tarboro and works at a tattoo parlor.

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